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John Ironside’s deep love of nature developed his appreciation of the natural world. It’s architectural shapes, exotic colours and harmonious textures. This Original Collection of his works unfolds secret beauties of the natural world inspiring imagination, emotions and insights.
For John, art is taking something perceived through the artist’s eyes and transforming it, tangibly, so the viewer becomes a co-creator. In this way, insight is opened for exploration and question, loved or hated.
Art, at this level, brings people together. We reflect on our own humanity. Art insights both honour our uniqueness, and celebrate what makes us all one. 


Ironside Art Certificate of Authenticity

Ironside Art Certificate of Authenticity

All our pieces are individually made to order, inspected and personally signed by the Artist
and are supplied with a Certificate of Authentication.

Pictures are produced on the highest quality using archival fine art papers and utilizing Ultra Chrome HD archival pigment ink technology. The textures created by these mediums are subtle, soft and pleasing to the eye whilst at the same time filling the visual with expression and delight.

Your purchase will be processed and shipped to you within six working days of your order being received and payment cleared.

You may purchase directly on our “on line store” or contact me directly if you have particular custom preferences or personal options or a particular project. I would love to hear from you.


All our finished pieces include a white boarder / matte area which is an integral part of the overall piece as this space as it creates separation of the art from the background whilst giving depth and scale to the image. As a rule of thumb, we usually allow 2.5 / 3 inch wide area around the image, but for special effects we may give a larger space.     



Image                                Finished Size
26x18 cm (10″x7″)           40x25 cm (16″x10″)
38x25 cm (15″x10″)         54x33 cm (21″x13″)
56x38 cm (22″x15″)         66x46 cm (26″x18″)
66x43 cm (26″x17″)         80x50 cm (32″x20″)
76x50 cm(30″x20″)          91x60 cm (36″x23″)
102x68 cm (40″x27″)      117x76 cm (46″x30″)

Image                             Finished Size
25x20 cm (10″x8″)        40x35 cm (16″x14″)
38x30 cm (15″x12″)      53x45 cm (21″x18″)
50x40 cm (20″x16″)      66x56 cm (26″x22″)
60x50 cm (24″x20″)      60x71 cm (24″x28″)
76x64 cm (30″x25″)      86x73 cm (34″x29″)
102x82 cm (40″x32″)   112x91 cm (44″x36″)

Image                             Finished Size
18x18 cm (7″x7″)          33x33 cm (13x13″)
20x20 cm (8″x8″)          35x35 cm (14″x14″)
26x26 cm (10″x10″)      40x40 cm (16″x16″)
30x30 cm (12″x12″)      45x45 cm (18″x18″)
36x36 cm (14″x14″)      50x50 cm (20″x20″)
46x46 cm (18″x18″)      60x60 cm (24″x24″)

                              Finished Size
30x18 cm (12″x7″)        46x32 cm (18″x10″)        
46x26 cm (18″x10″)      60x33 cm (24″x13″)
60x33 cm (24″x13″)      76x40 cm (30″x16″)
76x40 cm (30″x16″)      90x49 cm (36″x19″)
102x56 cm (40″x22″)   120x64 cm (46″x25″)
122x66 cm (48″x26″)   140x76 cm (54″x30″)

All of our Art Pictures are printed purposely with a mat area to enhance the image.

On landscape and Panorama shaped Art Prints, the mat area is larger on the left
and right, and narrow on the top and bottom (3  inches x 1.5 inches).

In a portrait shaped Art Piece, the mat area is narrow on the sides and wider top
and bottom (1.5 Inches x 3 Inches)

Square shaped Art Pieces are centred within a 3 Inch mat.

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