John Ironside
John Ironside, whose love of nature has given him an appreciation of the colours, textures and architecture that can be found in the natural world.

This collection of his original “works” show, in micro glimpses, the beauty of this natural world; the architectural shapes , exotic colours and harmonious textures that inspire both the imagination and emotions.

Art is capturing sight and imagination, taking something seen through the eyes of the artist and transforming it into something shared by the viewer, something that can be questioned, loved or hated. Art is about feelings and interpretation expressed in shapes, colour and textures, and at its core, inclusive.

Ironside Art
We don’t all share the same tastes in Art! To me, Art is taking something from the brain and transforming it into something tangible; something that can be questioned, loved, hated, moving, and easily remembered or forgotten. Without art there is no point in life and without life art could not flourish.

To me, Art is at its core inclusive. It’s inclusive in form, topic, and, hopefully, in creators and audience. Because art can be anything we want it to be, be about anything we want it to be, and be done for and by anyone, arts at its highest form brings people together and helps us reflect on our own humanity. Through art we can honor what makes us unique and celebrate what makes us all one.

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